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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Exciting Novella News

Ms. Frost has done it again folks!

That's right Frost Fanatics another amazing novella from her Night Huntress Series that introduces us to new characters as well as some of our returning favorites!

I'm happy to say that Devil To Pay, my novella originally published in the Four Dukes and a Devil anthology, is out tomorrow (Aug 23rd) in ebook form for only $1.99.
Description: Blake Turner had it all—until a demon decided to take residence in his soul. Plagued with constant black outs and a trail of dead bodies in his wake, Blake thinks vampire Elise is his best chance at ending the nightmare. It's just too bad he's fallen in love with the gorgeous vamp right before he has to die… Featuring characters from New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress world.

The idea behind Devil To Pay originally came from a dream. Yes, I get lots of ideas – good and bad – from dreams (if only I could call sleeping "research!"). In the dream, I was humming the lyrics to Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, of all things. The song starts with, "Hello…is there anybody in there?" In my dream, as soon as I said those words, from inside me I heard what I knew was a demon's voice reply with, "I am." Scared me immediately awake! Demonic possession isn't a new concept, of course, but the idea of being possessed and yet still in control of yourself part of the time stayed with me. So, months later when my editor asked me if I was interested in writing a "devil" type of story, I thought back to this dream and said yes. My hero, Blake, is possessed, yet he has periods where he is in control. He thinks the only way to stop the demon is to kill himself, but when he attempts to throw himself in front of a train, vampire Elise saves him. Elise is fighting her own internal battle, and in her attempts to find another way to rid Blake of the demon without killing him, the two are drawn to each other.

Familiar characters such as Mencheres, Bones, and Cat also show up in Devil To Pay. For regular Night Huntress readers, the events in this story take place between At Grave's End and Destined for an Early Grave, but it is a stand-alone so you don't need to read those first to understand it. I really loved writing Devil To Pay and if you're inclined to check it out, I hope you enjoy reading it!

Now, back to writing Once Burned. Leila is starting to realize that Vlad might be the scariest man she's ever met, but she still wants to play with fire (har har!).

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